Welcome to the world, baby goats

Earlier this year, The Xena Project welcomed a small herd of goats as pasture keepers.  Goats lack bottom teeth and do not eat grass.  They do, however, eat everything else, making them the perfect choice to keep pastures weed-free while allowing the grass to grow and better nourish horses.  Bonus: by relying on the goats, we avoid the pesticides that most facilities use to keep their pastures green.

What we did not predict was that the goats would be so fun, goofy, and personable.  They make us laugh every day, and soon captured the attention of visiting veterans.  Into the Animal Encounter Therapy program they went!  Some are easier to handle than others, but all enjoy treats and putting on a raucous show.

We are absolutely thrilled to share that this week, the herd grew by six.  Welcome to the world, baby goats!

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