North American Prospect Expo 2015

Thanks to Penn Virginia Oil and an incredibly generous family, The Xena Project was privileged to meet thousands of oil and gas professionals during the North American Prospect Expo, held at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, February 11th – 13th.  Director Jan Shultis, U.S. Navy veteran, and Board Chairman Keith Shultis, a retired Marine, attended to spread the word about our programs and make new connections in the oil and gas community. Thank you, Penn Virginia, for the expansive booth space.  Thank you, angel family, for both sponsoring registration fees, printing display materials, and the countless other ways you work to further The Xena Project’s reach. Finally, thank you to the hundreds of people who took the time to speak with us, and share their stories.  Many of the ladies and gentlemen we met are veterans or family members of veterans, and we hope we are making you proud. To the gentleman who stood in front of our booth, looked us straight in the eye and told us that finally, finally someone was doing the work that needed to be done – you turned away as your eyes filled with tears, and we don’t know your name.  But every time logistics become difficult or days get long, we think of you and both our strength and faith are renewed.  Thank you for your service.  If you read this – we are here.  Please come by. – The team at The Xena Project

NAPE 2015 - The Xena Project

The Xena Project booth – dozens of attendees commented that ours was the most colorful, welcoming, interesting booth on the floor. Thank you!

Booth 2

Jan in booth

Director Jan Shultis mans the booth.

Booth 3

Booth 4

Healing comes in many forms, and plants are one of them. So, we brought some!

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