Welcome, Guy Llama!

The Xena Project is excited to announce the addition of “Guy,” a six-month-old llama with a magical spirit, to the Xena team.

Guy is an extremely generous donation from Figment Llama Ranch.  Ruby, Robin, and Sean, the owners of Figment Llama Ranch, met several members of the Xena team at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March 2015.  They spent a while talking, and Figment Ranch got back in touch to share that they had the perfect soul for The Xena Project – Guy.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for this boy.  Guy will join Tony Llama and work in both group and private events, during counseling sessions, as part of family reunification, and in animal encounter therapy.  In his off time, he will pose for art therapy events.

Guy Llama represents the future of The Xena Project.  He is being trained to eventually go off-site to veterans hospitals, and veterans trapped in their homes for emotional and/or physical reasons.  At present, that means socializing him, and getting him used to being touched on the ears and legs, areas where llamas are not naturally fond of contact.

As he settles in to his new home at The Xena Project, Guy is watched over by Ripple, his mother, and Annie, a rescue case who was badly beaten, bloody, and starved when she arrived at Figment Llama Ranch several years ago from a petting zoo/circus operation in Mississippi.  In the photos below, Ripple is the llama with the dark brown head, white neck, and light brown body; Annie is the beautiful lady with the spots and blue eyes.

In addition to their support with the donation of Guy, Figment Llama Ranch will share news of The Xena Project and updates about guy through the Humming Herald, a quarterly newsletter that ties the llama community in the southern United States together.  Expect to see their smiling faces and open hearts regularly at The Xena Project.

Want to be part of the adventure? C’mon out and help train Guy, meet his lovely ladies, and hang out with Tony!  Contact us by calling (619) 415-1440, writing to ride@xenahorse.com, or through the online contact form to schedule your visit.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

PHOTOS: The day before Guy’s arrival, Director Jan Shultis visited Figment Llama Ranch in Cypress, Texas to learn more about Guy and his living patterns.  Home to more than 40 llamas, from national show champions to rescues, Figment Llama Ranch also shelters tortoises, dogs, cats, exotic birds, and chickens.  Visit figmentranch.com to learn more about their breeding business, llama rugs of impeccable quality sold at a reasonable price, and more.  Figment Ranch will soon open for public and private events, so keep them in mind if you have a wedding, birthday, corporate party, or other event on the horizon.

He’s here!  On Saturday, September 5th, Guy Llama arrived at The Xena Project, accompanied by his mother, Ripple, and companion, Annie.  He was greeted by combat veterans of the Army and Marine Corps, and their family members:

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