Military Ministry Funded

It is with extremely grateful hearts that we announce that The Xena Project’s Military Ministry program has been funded by Simonton Community Church.

Details to follow – Pastor Bill Hogan, The Xena Project’s Chaplain, has his nose to the grindstone, leading the development of programs to both minister directly to veterans and families in our community, and programs to empower local churches to more effectively serve veterans in need in their congregations.

Last week Bill conducted a focus group for the military ministry during a Group Day. Veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, as well as non-combatant veterans, identified the following as the primary desires of their hearts:
– “Instruction on how to turn negatives into positives” (Bible studies, mentoring relationships)
– “help on what it means to be a man and help to walk with me as I try to become a better man” (mens ministries)
– more regular visits to the facility (transportation is the primary barrier to participation in Xena Project programs, both for groups and individuals, especially home-bound veterans of Vietnam and Korea, or those with significant physical impairment)
– Instruction in “people skills,” particularly how to manage anxiety, de-escalate conversations, and conflict resolution
– Retreat opportunities to focus more intensely on what The Xena Project offers

While this much-needed program takes shape, The Xena Project has been humbled and thrilled to welcome volunteers from Simonton Community Church at already scheduled events, as shared below.

Thank you, Simonton Community Church, for your support… The Xena Project is now infinitely more capable than we were, and we are grateful.

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