Donald Charles Outreach Program

The Donald Charles Outreach Program concentrates outreach efforts on homebound veterans and family members, including those in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Through this initiative The Xena Project brings existing programs (fellowship, food, art, animals, studies and small groups, individual counseling, pastoral care) to men and women who are challenged to reach us; over time, we will develop the capacity to bring homebound veterans to our location.

Named after Donald Charles Shultis, Sr., who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and Donald Charles Shultis, Jr., who served in Korea and Vietnam, the Donald Charles Outreach Program was formally launched in October 2017. In the 60 days of operation we served more than 20 veterans and family members, including a Vietnam Marine homebound due to traumatic physical injury, the widow of a Korean War veteran, and 22 veterans currently residing in a local assisted living community.

This program benefits from volunteers of all backgrounds – veteran or law enforcement status not required! If you want to be a part of our next visit to an area retirement community or other events, please call or text (832) 451-5982 or write to  Thank you!

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