The Xena Project stocks titles that further spiritual development and help break down earthly barriers that keep warriors and families from spiritual fullness, such as financial stress, relationship struggles, and more.

Established in December 2018, we currently stock a library for veteran inmates and all law enforcement officials in Fort Bend County Jail (pictured above), bring a selection of books to every convening of Fort Bend County Veterans Treatment Court, deliver books to homebound veterans through the Donald Charles Outreach Program, and make books available to warriors and families in all of our programs.

The process is simple – request or pick up a book, enjoy it, learn from it, and get it back to us when you’re finished and we see you next. There are no due dates, no fines, and no hassles – we want your growth process to be as straight forward and highly individualized as possible.

Thank you to Simonton Community Church for making this vision a reality.


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