Prayer Requests

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you for lifting your voice to the Lord on behalf of the warriors and families in our shared community. Some of the men, women, and children shared here have thriving spiritual lives and came to us specifically asking for prayer; some do not yet have a strong spiritual foundation and came asking only for support. All are anonymous.

We believe that God will put the “right” words on your heart and mind, so we do not direct what to pray for…. we simply lay out the situation, and ask you to pray.

This list is updated as prayer requests are received. Please text (832) 451-5982, write, hit us up on Facebook, or use the contact form here to submit prayer requests. Your privacy will always be protected.

Thank you for your time, energy, and love.


The Xena Project

Updated March 2019:

Please pray for:

A female Navy veteran, Desert Storm, recovering from painful surgery and dealing with feelings of isolation and loneliness

Veteran with a desire to leave a criminal lifestyle fueled by drug use, who feels he is not strong enough for a healthy life

Retired Marine whose daughter is facing challenging decisions as she, too, enters military service; he requests prayers for her continued strength and Godly guidance, as well as peace of mind for himself and his wife as they observe their daughter’s growth process

Combat veteran navigating a difficult situation with his child’s mother; he requests prayers for spiritual soundness, physical safety and peace of mind for all involved, and that he continues to hear God’s direction clearly throughout

Army veteran who lost several family members suddenly and quickly; prayers are also requested for his family

Combat veteran spouse feeling extremely isolated, discouraged, and physically unhealthy

Combat veteran spouse guiding her family through a period of intense growth; prayers are also requested for her children, for God-driven navigation of a challenging time and continued spiritual safety

Family member of multiple Army combat veterans living with health issues that may impact this individual’s ability to care for their family; prayers are also requested for their family

The law enforcement officials working in Fort Bend and surrounding counties

The veterans currently incarcerated in Fort Bend County Jail, and the law enforcement officials who work in the jail

The veterans in Fort Bend County Veterans Treatment Court, and the court staff, mentors, and volunteers who support these men and women during a time of crisis and hopefully, healing

The Xena Project Team, people and animals


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