Virtual Ministry

The virtual ministry was launched in December 2018 to provide more robust, varied support to those who cannot, or are not yet ready to, come to The Xena Project in person. Though we do not see you in person while you read this, through these platforms we can still talk to you, however is most comfortable for you. Over time, we do hope to see you in person.

The Xena Team currently maintains two blogs as part of our virtual ministry.


The Xena Armory at

This is a blog that equips the spirit of warriors, led by retired Air Force B-1 pilot and lead Pastor Bill “Hulk” Hogan.

Xena – because we’re the ministry arm of The Xena Project: a non-profit organization devoted to the well-being of Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and their families.  While The Xena Project provides a multitude of services, the ministry arm is here to help people find the strength, peace, and healing that only God can provide.

Armory – Because we know life is a struggle.  You’re in a fight.  And when warriors fight, they need the best equipment.  Where do they go?  They go to the armory. The Xena Armory equips warriors and their families for the fight, whether it’s strength to carry on, recovering from a battle, or tools and techniques that keep you in top shape.

This world needs what warriors and their families have to offer:

  • Service before self mindset
  • Courage, Dedication, Integrity, and Bravery
  • The ability to come together as a team and defeat a common foe
  • The Warrior mindset that says, “I will prevail.”


Before you Now, at

Before you Now uplifts and inspires through photos, paintings, and words crafted by Navy veteran Jan Shultis.

You, in front of God.

God, in front of you.

All of us, before each other.

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