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Meet Rama: a horse who gives everything he has

The gray horse on the right is Rama, a 24-year-old Arabian gelding and member of the resident herd at All Xena’s Horses.

Rama is bred of generations of champion carriage horses.  Started under saddle at approximately 5 years old by a trainer who beat him severely, Rama still bears scars where he attempted to jump out of a round pen to get away from her.  Following this incident he was deemed “unworkable” and spent several years serving as a best friend to an elderly gentleman before arriving here.

When I met him, Rama had what I delicately call “the crazy.”  He was terrified of women; sudden movements; dogs, cats, and birds; and anything that happened during dawn, dusk, or when the sun or moon were shining.  Turned out all day and most nights, when brought in for food he would slam his body against the stalls, refused to allow a human being near him, and employed a rapid fire, Arabian kick when he felt threatened, which was often.
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